The S2 Urban Sweeper, Born on the Street, built and packaged in Switzerland

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Interchangeable Scrubbing Deck now available

Boschung welcomes versatility! As our urban landscapes develop and become more densely populated, the cleansing needs of our modern municipalities change. We pride ourselves on offering a solution which does not compromise performance of either cleansing activity. Best of all, any existing S2 can be at anytime be periodically changed to a scrubber. The scrubber even has an inbuilt side-shift feature making it easier to get close to those edges.

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As a cities population density increases and its encompass expands, there is a growing demand for lighter, more compact, maneuverable, quiet, environmentally friendly cleansing machines. FoodQuip Australasia are proud and excited to be embarking on this paradigm shift in sweeper design with Boschung.

Our S2 Urban-Sweeper retains its performance and capacity credentials but significantly reduces its physical and environmental footprint. We look forward to demonstrating to you, the Boschung approach to your ever-developing municipality.


We chose to implement a Boschung Urban Sweeper supplied by FoodQuip Australasia Ltd at our Epping site. We consider our Epping Site our toughest working environment due to the expansive yet sometimes constrictive indoor and outdoor areas, sheer volume and variation of waste and lengthy operating hours. We are impressed and taken by the Sweepers suction performance at high speeds, its manoeuvrability and quietness. We have also noticed substantial savings in running costs, service intervals have halved in frequency, brush wear decreased by 50% and fuel consumption reduced by 30%.

What we appreciated most about working with FoodQuip Australasia was their commitment to knowing their product, training and after sales support.
— Gordon Walker, Customer Relations Manager, IKON Services Australia Pty Ltd

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